Bio-Mex Full length Orthotic

Bio-Mex Full length Orthotic

Bio-Mex is a new sophisticated addition to the Bio-Range.

It is made from high quality polypropylene making it slender, flexible and strong for excellent biomechanical control.


Low Arch height, the Bio-Mex is easily customised through heat moulding and grinding.

biomechanically designed to position the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons of the foot and properly align the body using a unique shape and design that has many advantages.

The waffle shaped indentations on the bottom of the device provide structural support and combined with a vented surface, creates a vacuum in the square cavities allowing air to circulate around the plantar surface of the foot. This feature creates a comfortable environment for the wearer even during temperature extremes.
The device is constructed to be lightweight, very flexible and virtually unbreakable.