PACT UREA 40% Anti-fungal / Thickened Nails

PACT UREA 40% Anti-fungal / Thickened Nails




  • Care kit: A box containing a 10 g tube of PACT Urea 40
  • Highly concentrated antifungal ointment in Urea.
  • One month treatment
  • 10 g


  • In the case of fungal infection, the treatment depends on the severity
  • In case of benign yeast infection: Treatment with PACT Urea 40 may be sufficient.
  • In case of mycosis of moderate severity: Coupling the PACT Urea 40 treatment with PACT MED / GEL may be necessary.
  • Per batch of 10 ointments (10 x 10g)


In the case of treatment for benign yeast infection:

In case of benign yeast infection treatment with PACT Urea 40 may be sufficient. The ointment will dissolve the weakened part of the nail. The damaged part can be detached and cut carefully or removed with a nail file.

  • File the fungal parts of the nail carefully to make them rough and remove the nail material using nail scissors
  • Then apply the ointment generously once a day, preferably after the shower, so as to cover the entire nail. Protect the nail thus treated 24 hours using an occlusive plaster.
  • Repeat the treatment daily. Depending on the extent of the yeast infection, it is necessary to continue treatment for two to three weeks
  • After 2 to 3 weeks of treatment, the damaged part should have come off. If necessary, it can now, in any case, be done by a specialist
  • The soft and flexible nail can now grow back in a healthy way. The ointment should be applied daily to prevent re-infection for several months without adhesive plaster.
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