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Care Comes First

Danielle Orla Morton (BSc. Podiatry; MSc. Diabetes Management; Pg. Wound Management). 

Danielle Morton graduated from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh with a bachelor’s degree in Podiatry in June 2011.

During Danielle's undergraduate degree, she developed an interest in the learning and research of diabetes mellitus and therefore pursued her academic desire in this field by undertaking a master’s degree in Diabetes Management at the University of Chester in 2011.

Danielle further developed on her existing diabetic wound management skills by studying a postgraduate module in Wound Care for Health Professionals at University College Cork in 2013 & Diabetic Foot Module, London in 2018.

In addition to this, Danielle has participated in certified workshops including, Wound Science & Podiatric Medicine; Diagnostic Imaging for Podiatrists; Anatomy for Podiatrists; Advanced Biomechanics; Dermatology for Podiatrists.  

Danielle is registered and listed as an approved Podiatrist both with the Health Service Executive (HSE); and the HCPC (Health & Care Professionals Council) thus working within both councils codes of conduct.

Danielle's additional podiatric entitlements include,

* Prescription-only medicines (POMs)

* Injecting local anaesthetics (LA).

She is also an insured member of the U.K. and Irish Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and recognised practitioner amongst all Irish health insurers. 

Danielle regularly maintains a portfolio of developmental and clinical experiences and achievements and frequently uses this to reflect on her practice and expand on her existing clinical knowledge.​

Sterilisation Procedures

We take sterilisation and cleanliness in our practice very seriously. All podiatry instruments are autoclave sterilised in accordance with HSE Standards and Recommended Practices for Local Decontamination Units in Primary Care Dental, Podiatry and GP Practice. 

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