Our role is to prevent, correct deformity and maintain normal function. This is underpinned by footwear, orthotic prescription, advice and health promotion as part of a wider multidisciplinary team.

Children's Race


The growing foot provides unique problems and challenges that are not encountered in the adult foot. As the foot supports the body's structure, any changes which take place can have a 'knock-on' effect upon the foot altering its posture either temporarily or permanently. This can leave it compromised and lead to other pathologies as it attempts to compensate for these changes.


Children foot pathologies often include, 

  • Verruca

  • Athletes foot

  • Ingrowing toenails 

  • Corns & Callus

  • Sweaty Feet (Hyperhidrosis)


The majority of foot problems in the young tend to be related to

  • Footwear

  • Foot type

  • Infections 

  • Injuries

  • Anatomical abnormalities

  • Acquired deformities 

  • Congenital & genetic deformities

  • Posture

  • Surgical/medical conditions

  • Skin conditions 



Flexible flat foot in children is common and is often a cause of parental concern. It does not usually require treatment. In cases where treatment is necessary, we prescribe an excellent 'off-the-shelf' insole specifically designed to treat a range of paediatric foot conditions.