We recognise the importance of a client-centred podiatry experience and it inspires us to create strong and long-lasting bond with each of our patients.


It’s a privilege to serve the community by providing quality foot and lower limb care through sound medical advice and responsible diagnoses and procedures.


We have developed a sound working knowledge of the latest materials and techniques available in order to offer our clients a complete service, even if this is to be provided by an orthotics laboratory.
Virtually any pathological condition affecting the sole of the foot can be controlled by appropriate insoles, provided that sufficient depth is made available in the footwear.
We offer a range of ''off the shelf'' non-casted insoles designed to treat a range of foot complaints as well as custom casted insoles that fit the unique contours of your feet. Casted insoles are designed to support and protect the feet which have deformities incapable of correction with ''off-the-shelf'' insoles.

Nail Surgery Explained

A partial (one side or two sides) or entire removal of nail plate is carried out in a sterile environment using sterile (autoclaved) instruments and dressings. Following local anesthesia, a digital block & pre-surgical scrub to the foot, a tourniquet is applied to stem blood flow and recorded in the patient's notes. We identify the portion of the nail plate to be removed and separate the eponychium (nail bed) from the nail plate and matrix. In partial removals only, we then split the nail vertically with a sharp chisel blade and gain a firm hold of the nail plate using forceps, gently rotating towards the centre of the toe and pulling forward. Petroleum jelly is applied to the surrounding skin at the base of the toe to protect against unnecessary burns. We then rub liquified phenol (acid) to the germinal matrix for a minimum of 3 minutes and flush/irrigate the acid with chlorohexidine 0.5% and saline solution to neutralise. The tourniquet is then removed restoring arterial blood flow and an alginate sterile dressing is applied.