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Avoca Caustic Pencil 95% w/w Cutaneous Stick

Avoca Caustic Pencil 95% w/w Cutaneous Stick

For Avoca warts & verrucas and the removal of unwanted skin growths. Each cutaneous stick contains 95% w/w Silver nitrate as the active ingredient. Also contains potassium nitrate 5% w/w. Topical application. Use this medicine only on your skin. Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Not for use near the eyes or other sensitive areas of the body, due to the corrosive/staining action of the product.



Gently dip the tip of the pencil in water for around 30 seconds. Once wet apply little pressure onto the verruca or wart and  Use petroleum jelly around the area to prevent the silver reaching the surrounding skin. Do not rub or press the tip onto the skin as it is brittle and can break with too much pressure.


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